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BVI Finance Launches The Real BVI Campaign
  • POST ON 3 Apr 2019

BVI Finance, responsible for marketing and promoting the British Virgin Islands’ financial services industry, is proud to announce the launch of its latest campaign – The Real BVI.

The objective of the campaign is to drive positive awareness of the BVI’s international business and finance centre. The campaign also aims to articulate the facts and demonstrate the reality of the BVI and its valuable role in the global economy, as well as on island.

Central to the whole campaign are the people who make up the BVI’s international finance centre – from those at BVI Finance, professionals in the private sector to the many thousands providing critical support services. The campaign seeks to show the BVI’s human face, as well as the quality, strength and depth of the people who drive this important industry.  

The campaign will feature an initial mixture of social and traditional media activity across a number of international markets, in addition to on island, using the hashtag #TheRealBVI.

In time, it is anticipated that this will become an annual campaign that incorporates wider initiatives, such as career fairs, school workshops, private sector mentoring, sponsorship and advertising.  

Commenting, Elise Donovan, CEO of BVI Finance said: “I am thrilled that BVI Finance is launching The Real BVI campaign, as we should be extremely proud of the role our international business and finance centre plays in the global and local economy.

“The campaign will set the record straight about what the BVI’s international business and finance centre is and what it does. There is considerable misinformation and inaccurate reporting about the BVI and this represents an opportunity to articulate the reality on the ground – including our high levels of professionalism, specialism and openness.

“The BVI’s international business and finance centre is comprised of some of the most skilled, experienced and committed professionals in the world, hence the campaign’s focus on people. In this respect, it’s time for people to get to know the real BVI.”

The campaign builds upon efforts by BVI Finance in recent years to develop an evidence-based narrative.

For example, research published in 2017 by Capital Economics, an independent economics research agency, found that the BVI’s international business and finance centre mediates over US$1.5 trillion of investment globally1.

Similarly, another report published this year by Dr. Judith Tyson from the ODI found that international finance centres galvanized US$1.6 trillion of additional finance to developing countries between 2007 and 20142.  


1.  The full Capital Economics paper can be viewed here:  https://bviglobalimpact.com/

2. The full ODI paper can be viewed here: https://www.odi.org/publications/11263-international-financial-centres-and-development-finance