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BVI Finance Salutes Dr. Robert A. Mathavious
  • POST ON 19 Jun 2020

BVI Finance pays tribute to Dr. Robert A. Mathavious upon the announcement of his upcoming retirement as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC). Dr. Mathavious’ tenure at the FSC marked an era that was complemented with the grace and growth of the BVI’s financial services sector, aided by his acute knowledge, discernment, action, selflessness and tutelage. 

During his distinguished career, he served the BVI nobly as Deputy Financial Secretary from 1980 to 1985, Financial Secretary from 1985 to 1991, as Director of Financial Services from 1993 to 2001 and steadfastly as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Financial Services Commission from January 2002 to present.  

His extraordinary 40-year plus career as a public servant is no small feat. He has worked seamlessly with different Chief Ministers and Premiers serving as the chief advisor on financial services, through its many challenges and triumphs. Yet, he epitomized the words of poet William Ernest Henley; has “not winced nor cried aloud”. 

CEO of BVI Finance, Elise Donovan, expressed that, “As a noted architect of the BVI’s financial services industry, Dr. Mathavious’ visionary leadership resulted in a strong economic pillar from which the Virgin Islands has  benefitted greatly. His love for his country, undoubtedly also fueled his passion to create opportunities for many young Virgin Islanders. His leadership, legacy and tremendous contributions, to not only the BVI’s financial services industry, but also to the entire BVI will be recognised for many years to come.”

His exceptionally hawkeyed vision for the FSC resulted in the recruitment and training of a strong cadre of present and future leaders, bearing testimony to his sensitivity for succession planning. He strategically placed and exposed his team to professional opportunities to ensure that the inheritance of leadership would rest with Virgin Islanders. This internal grooming of leaders now ensures that the future of the Commission can come from within the organisation. 

The Territory is indebted to Dr. Mathavious’ wisdom, in establishing the stellar reputation of the BVI’s robust regulatory regime, preeminent among the international financial centres of the world. 

BVI Finance salutes Dr. Robert A. Mathavious, a man whose life echoes the courage of great leaders who serve with vigilance, accountability and integrity. BVI Finance was pleased to honour him with the Financial Services Lifetime Award when we commemorated the 1984 International Business Companies Act at 35 Years of Innovation Gala in 2019.  May generations of Virgin Islanders emulate his distinguished legacy. 

*View the official announcement from the BVI Financial Services Commission, here.