Conyers: Third Party Costs Orders: Service Out Judgment puts BVI Back in Business
  • POST ON 30 Oct 2015

On the 12 October 2015 the Court of Appeal delivered a judgment which undoubtedly clarified the law in the BVI on the service out of the jurisdiction of a non-party costs application, and which will be welcomed by BVI practitioners and their clients alike.

In Halliwel Asset Inc and Panikos Symeou and Marigold Trust Company Limited-v-Hornbeam Corporation, Vadim Shulam (Respondent) Claim No BVIHCMAP 2015/0001, a “non-party” Mr Shulman was a resident of Monaco. In the proceedings in the court below the Appellants Halliwel, Mr Symeous and Marigold were granted costs orders against Hornbeam Corporation (the “Respondent”). However, the Appellant’s case was that this award, as a matter of practicalities, would be likely worthless given that the Respondent was merely a shell entity.


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