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Financial Services Roundtable - London,UK

18 Jan, 2023 - 18 Jan, 2023 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
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BVI Finance Breakfast: what does the recent EU Court Ruling on public registers mean for IFC's and BOT's?

07 Dec, 2022 - 24 Mar, 2023 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
The European Union (EU) Court of Justice has ruled to strike down the Eu mandate for public registers of beneficial ownership of all companies.
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Jeopardy Game Night

17 Nov, 2022 PM 6:00 - 17 Nov, 2022 PM 8:00 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
3rd Floor, Cutlass Tower Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands
Financial Services week also provides ample opportunities for friendly competition between employees from the various member firms.
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Special Edition BVI Finance Breakfast Forum

16 Nov, 2022 AM 8:30 - 16 Nov, 2022 AM 10:00 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
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The Great Debate

15 Nov, 2022 PM 7:00 - 15 Nov, 2022 PM 9:00 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
Join us for a battle of ideas between The Industry VS. the HLSCC Debate Team to discuss the moot “Does globalization have a future?”.
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Beyond Globalisation Conference

15 Nov, 2022 AM 7:30 - 15 Nov, 2022 PM 12:00 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
3rd Floor, House,, Ashley Ritter Buidling, Fleming St Road Town, British Virgin Islands
Learn about the globalisation trends and how the BVI's International Business and Finance Centre is responding.
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Hike Tour

12 Nov, 2022 AM 6:00 - 12 Nov, 2022 AM 9:00 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
Botamic Station Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands
Opportunities for hikes are scattered all over the British Virgin Islands; you just need to know where to find them. If you don’t believe us ask our tour guide, Seth Graham of Hike BVI, who will take us on a hike to see the views of Road Town from Fort Charlotte.
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12 Nov, 2022 - 19 Nov, 2022 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
Financial Services Week will be celebrated under this year’s theme, ‘Globalisation 2.0: BVI Beyond’ from 12th to the 19th November 2022.
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07 Oct, 2022 - 07 Oct, 2022 ((UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) )
Doing business in Africa, in the 21st century requires both the flexibility and long-term strategic approach that our IFC offers investors and businesses alike. Thus, we see tremendous opportunity for Africa and for the BVI to fulfil a long-term potential for mutual prosperity.
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