Each Family and Private Office is unique, and the BVI welcomes single and multi-family offices, offering a variety of services in trust, estate, and succession planning as well as wealth management, property management and maritime asset management. The COVID pandemic has put a greater focus on the importance of succession planning and preparing for inevitable but also unexpected events.

A family office is a privately held company that handles investment management and wealth management for high net-worth families, generally with excess of $100 million in investable assets, in order to effectively grow and transfer wealth across generations. The company's financial capital is the family's own wealth.

A multi-family office is an independent organization that supports multiple families to manage their entire wealth. A multi-family office is a commercial enterprise established to meet the investment, estate planning and, in some cases, the lifestyle and tax service needs of high net-worth families.

Multi-family offices typically provide a variety of services including tax and estate planning, risk management, objective financial counsel, trusteeship, lifestyle management, coordination of professionals, investment advice, and philanthropic foundation management. Clients of a multi-family office typically will often have a net worth in excess of $50 million.

Family offices and their professional advisors can assist families to ensure succession plans are in place to protect the wealth of future generations. The BVI has many professional advisors well-versed in the skillsets required for trust and succession planning, and wealth preservation, across generations.