Major respected companies worldwide use BVI Business Companies to manage their cross-border activities. Over 140 major businesses listed on the London, New York or Hong Kong main stock exchanges use BVI vehicles to support their international investment activities.

Companies, institutions, and private individuals use them for: holding companies for various assets corporate group structuring; investment business, joint ventures, listings, real estate; family, trust, estate and succession planning; and vessel or aircraft registration.


Political Stability

Political stability and a legal system rooted in English common law, which protects assets from potential loss, damage or sequestration resulting from socio-political instability

Strong Partnerships

Strong partnerships between business and government

Global Experts

A cadre of specialist providers which are part of a web of international groups and networks with offices around the world

Commercial and Legal Certainty

Company and related laws which are adaptable for the needs of individuals and businesses with complex structures

Currency Stability

The United States dollar is the only legal tender

Statutory Infrastructure

A statutory infrastructure which is respected by international regulators and standard setters

Creditor Friendliness

Testing for insolvency is wide in scope and can be established based on cash flow, balance sheet or technical insolvency