As the Robert Mathavious Institute for Financial Services (RMI) prepares for the next FinTech course on May 15, the programme’s key players joined a BVI Finance webinar to encourage enrollment for financial services professionals to “arm themselves with the relevant knowledge and skills to perform well in this climate”.

RMI’s Director Ms. Chidi Liburd issued this ‘call to action’ when explaining the importance and appropriate timing of the FinTech programme during Tuesday’s webinar. She said that the offering of the Certificate in FinTech aligns with the increasing importance for the RMI to provide avenues for professionals, especially as the financial industry continues to be shaped by new technologies such as AI, 5G, quantum computing and Internet of Things.

Director Liburd also told attendees, “Fintech is here and it holds enormous potential benefits to all businesses, both new and existing. That is why it’s important for all individuals to be prepared, not just for the changing landscape of financial and non-financial products and services, and regulations, but also for the new way of life itself.” Ms. Liburd was joined by Professor Keith Carter of KBC Global Partners (Singapore) who further discussed the objective of the programme, course design and benefits.

Mr. Carter said the programme’s goals for BVI and the Caribbean on an individual level, is to future-proof, or systematically upgrade oneself with one of the hottest in-demand skills; for organisations to identify and select right talent to hire along with a calibrated approach to reskill staff and build FinTech firms, and the benefits to all is to grow regional talent and compete globally.

About the course experience, Professor Carter said, “You’re going to learn together, you’re going to tap into each other’s business and technical skills, and ultimately come up with projects that you can implement in your jurisdiction,” adding that some individuals have gone on to monetize what they’ve learned in the course to create new businesses.

Professor Carter said the programme is about delivering change to both businesses and governments, and built around the concept of ‘One More’; in the case of  a business, to be able to sell one more product or service to one more person, or as a government, being able to serve one more person.

The course comprises seven weeks of instruction and training covering topics like Emerging Technologies, Rapid Innovation, Data for Better Decisions, Robotic Process Automation, Data Analysis, Blockchain, Digital Assets & Smart Contracts, Cybersecurity and Leadership Principles. Group presentations are scheduled for week eight, then capstone projects will begin for presentations in September.

The FinTech Certificate Programme, which evolved to support the development of Fintech professionals in BVI, targets mid-career financial services practitioners with either strong business acumen or good technical skills. The programme is being offered by the HLSCC Robert Mathavious Institute for Financial Services in collaboration with BVI Finance and Professor Carter.

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