BVI Finance, the leading voice of the British Virgin Islands' financial services industry, was delighted to participate in the esteemed Biennial IBA Latin America Regional Forum (LatAm) Conference, which took place in Cartagena, Colombia.

Organized by the International Bar Association (IBA), the world's foremost organization of international legal practitioners, the LatAm Conference attracted top legal professionals, business leaders, and policymakers from across the Latin American region and beyond. The conference aimed to foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange on a wide array of pressing issues related to finance, law, and governance in the rapidly evolving Latin American market.

BVI Finance joined the event to promote the British Virgin Islands' financial services offerings, strengthen relationships with key stakeholders, and explore new opportunities for collaboration in the LatAm region. 

As an Associate Sponsor of the Conference, BVI Finance had an exhibition booth featuring its brochures on the BVI’s investment fund business, trusts, estates and succession planning services, and corporate services, and displaying, among other items, our BVI Special Edition Monopoly board game and our unique, high-quality BVI Gin! BVI Finance's Adenike Sicard and Hatstone's Philipp Neumann were on hand to answer questions about the BVI and our legal and financial services offerings. 

BVI Finance's presence at the conference was a testament to the British Virgin Islands' dedication to advancing its financial services sector and engaging with the global community.

"The IBA LatAm Conference was a vital platform for connecting with the legal and business communities in Latin America," said Elise Donovan, CEO of BVI Finance. "We were excited to represent the BVI's financial services industry at this prestigious event, where we shared our expertise, engaged in meaningful discussions, and explored new avenues for collaboration."

“As demonstrated in the recent report "Beyond Globalisation - The British Virgin Islands' Contribution to Global Prosperity in an Uncertain World,"  there is a strong partnership between the BVI and Latin America, which represents 20 per cent of the BVI’s global business,” said Donovan.

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