As part of the activities surrounding STEP Caribbean, 0n May 11th, BVI Finance held a special event at the Panama Hilton. 

The gathering brought together Panamanian firms involved in BVI business. Elise Donovan, BVI Finance's CEO, spoke about the strong relationship between the BVI and Panama. She also introduced the audience to the Beyond Globalisation report, highlighting BVI's significant role in the global community.

Glenford Malone, the Deputy Managing Director of the BVI Financial Services Commission, who travelled exclusively for the event, shared important updates on recent changes to the BVI Business Companies Act and other regulatory news. Malone also took the time to answer a number of questions from the event's participants.

Kerry Anderson, a partner at O’Neal Webster, spoke about sanctions and the licensing process, providing a detailed explanation of the necessary steps. He, too, answered several questions from the attendees.

Donovan spoke about the historical relationship between the BVI and Panama, saying, "For nearly forty years, the BVI and Panama have worked closely together, learning from each other’s successes and challenges and adapting our strategies to meet changing business needs. This longstanding relationship has shaped how BVI's International Business and Finance Centre interacts with the Panamanian business community."

The event was wrapped up by Adenike Sicard from BVI Finance. She recapped the presentations and thanked Malone and Anderson for their contributions. Sicard also expressed gratitude to the attendees for their participation.