BVI Finance was a sponsor of the Spear’s 500 Live Conference held in London on 28th June 2023.

The conference, held for private client professionals, was devoted to deepening the understanding of the forces shaping the creation and management of wealth, the global economy and the investing landscape, the macroeconomic outlook, the geopolitical outlook and sanctions, medical concierge services and the future of digital assets.

BVI Finance sponsored a booth and reception. Both Patrick Ormand, partner of Walkers, and Adenike Sicard, were on hand at the booth to field questions on the legal and corporate services in the BVI.

Adenike also gave a presentation describing the key insights on how the BVI can provide solutions to financial and wealth management, through the use of BVI companies, investment funds and the advice of experts in the BVI. She also pointed out that the BVI is among the top-ranked jurisdictions for crypto hedge funds and that, in February this year, the BVI enacted its Virtual Assets Services Providers Act, which incorporated the Financial Action Task Force’s global standards to prevent the misuse of virtual/digital assets.

Adenike highlighted that, based on a report issued by an independent London-based research consulting firm, Pragmatix Advisory, “Beyond Globalisation: The British Virgin Islands’ contribution to global prosperity in an uncertain world”, the BVI supports 134,000 jobs, facilitates £121 billion in investments and £2.77 billion in taxes in the United Kingdom.
She stated that the BVI, through its ability to enable global trade and investments, provides a substantial net benefit not only to the global economy, but to the UK in particular, thereby underscoring that the BVI and the UK can provide mutually beneficial solutions to wealth management and succession planning.

The conference was attended by 301 delegates.

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