PMI Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Clarence Faulkner reveals PMI’s strategy to asset management in the BVI, stating, “PMI refrains from taking any assets or money directly from their clients. Instead, all pension plans and private wealth management accounts are established in the name of the respective pension plan or client, with only the trustees or UBOs authorised as signatories demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding the clients' interests.”

This was explained to an audience of financial services industry professionals during the ‘PMI Investments & BVI Finance- Connect’ event that took place on July 27 at PMI’s office in Road Town, Tortola. The event hosted in collaboration with BVI Finance, allowed for professionals from various firms to converse on innovative strategies, particularly from the standpoint of private wealth and investments and opportunities in the BVI jurisdiction.  

During the panel segment, PMI’s Managing Director Faulkner, BVI Finance CEO Ms. Elise Donovan, PMI’s Investment Analysts, Mr. Ryan Seale and Ms. Christina Cooke, engaged in a discussion on the status of investments from an international, regional and local perspective. Mr. Seale spoke about current market trends and the business cycle of investing in the markets.  Ms. Cooke gave a detailed overview on monetary policy and the ongoing efforts of Central banks and inflation.
  Together, the PMI Team discussed emerging trends and explored strategies that would better equip current and future clients within the industry.

Another highlight of the evening, was Mr. Faulkner’s insight into PMI’s 14-year journey and the inspiration behind the design of their office, which draws from the iconic Wall Street environment.  He stated that PMI's services are meticulously designed to provide comprehensive analysis that serves the best interests of their clients from any part of the world via professionals based in the BVI.

BVI Finance CEO Donovan further reinforced the importance of showcasing BVI Finance members like PMI Group and allow for the dialogue exchange on the current business climate in a global sense, as they exemplify the abundant talent and expertise present that continues to propel the BVI. 

The collaborative efforts between PMI Group and BVI Finance presents another opportunity for the BVI, to be catapulted into the spotlight as a significant player in the global financial services industry.

"PMI Investments & BVI Finance - Connect" marked a pivotal moment in the financial landscape of the BVI, as the event laid the foundation for a promising future. The convergence of PMI's transformative approach and BVI Finance's strategic leadership has sparked enthusiasm and optimism among attendees about the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for the BVI in the global financial services sector.

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