Adenike Sicard, Consultant for Marketing and Business Development at BVI Finance, took the stage at the prestigious America Outbound Investment Summit in Los Angeles, California, on September 14.


Her presentation, titled 'Practical, yet Savvy, BVI Solutions to Private Wealth Management,' showcased the BVI’s innovative approaches to managing private wealth effectively.


Adenike's presentation highlighted three key solutions: VISTA Trusts, Private Trust Companies, and Investment Funds. These solutions were presented as versatile tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of high-net-worth individuals seeking to manage and grow their wealth.


Adenike shared that the BVI is among the top-ranked jurisdictions for crypto hedge funds and that the BVI, in February this year, enacted its Virtual Assets Services Providers Act, to licence and regulate digital/virtual asset service providers, such as crypto exchanges and custody of virtual assets (such as wallet providers). She highlighted that the BVI Act incorporates the FATF’s (Financial Action Task Force) global standards to prevent the misuse of virtual assets and to regulate the providers of those services. Sicard said “This is currently a very active space and the BVI Financial Services Commission, the regulatory authority in the BVI, is giving virtual assets the attention that it and the client’s deserve.  The Commission is aware of the need for regulation and supervision in the area and the Act provides the legal framework for it to do so.”.


In addition, Adenike Sicard emphasised the advantages of the BVI Business Company as a flexible and neutral corporate entity, having English common law at its foundation and user-friendly developments of its corporate law over the years, responding to the needs its financial services industry. She spotlighted the strengths of the BVI Commercial Court, the BVI International Arbitration Centre, and the Enforcement of Judgement mechanisms, positioning them as critical components of a robust financial ecosystem.


Adenike was also a panelist discussing on the topic, ‘Constant Development in Structuring Wealth and Estates in the US’. Adenike Sicard, draws on over two decades of legal expertise within the BVI financial services sector, underscored the BVI's role as a hub of experience and proficiency in providing tailored advice on wealth management structures that align with clients' unique objectives.


Accompanying Ms. Sicard was Adrianna Soverall, BVI Finance's Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator, who shared invaluable insights on addressing the distinctive needs of high-net-worth individuals. Adenike’s presentation provided a roadmap for expanding investment horizons in the American markets.



The America Outbound Investment Summit, known for its dynamic B2B and B2C format, featured interactive panels, expert presentations, and networking sessions with top intermediaries, including Independent Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, Private Client Lawyers, Tax Planners, and Wealth Managers & Estate Planners, among others.


BVI Finance proudly sponsored the America Outbound Investment Summit, exemplifying its commitment to providing valuable opportunities for member firms to engage with industry leaders, share expertise, and foster meaningful connections.



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