BVI Finance Board of Directors met with members on January 18 to engage in vital discussions about recent developments on several topics within the British Virgin Islands' financial services industry. 

The event commenced with opening remarks from the Chairman, Mr. Nicholas Bishop, who set the tone for the meeting by outlining expectations and priorities for the financial services sector in the year ahead. Mr. Bishop also announced the upcoming Annual General Meeting and elections for the new Board scheduled to take place on February 21, 2024. He encouraged the attendees to participate as there are four directors positions up for elections.

Ms. Kayla Laidlaw - Brookes provided information on crucial deadlines on regulatory bodies such as the International Tax Authority regarding the Common Reporting Standard and Economic Substance. She also provided an update on the Accounting and Audit Association. 

Highlighting the importance of industry participation and visibility in the marketing aspect, Mr. Jonathan Bailey shared plans for events scheduled for the first half of the 2024. He encouraged active involvement from professionals in shaping advertorials, stressing the collective responsibility to promote the sector's achievements and capabilities on a global scale.

Mr. George Weston addressed the expectations from the international media scene and the crucial support needed. He also underscored the significance of positive media relations and international cooperation in enhancing the reputation.

Ms. Ayana Glasgow addressed the mandate of the Ministry of Financial Services, Labour and Trade’s and highlighted the upcoming legislative expectations and updates. Ms. Glasgow also emphasised the collaborative efforts required between the public and private sectors to navigate upcoming regulatory changes successfully.
The meeting provided a platform for BVI Finance Member firms to engage in open dialogue, exchange ideas, and align their strategies for the benefit of the entire financial services sector in the BVI.

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