BVI Asia Trade Mission Concludes with Experts Recognizing BVI as a “Super-Connector”


The BVI Asia Trade Mission concluded its successful Asian tour in Singapore, with regional experts lauding the BVI's pivotal role as a ‘super-connector’ between regions.

The delegation was led by Deputy Premier and Minister for Financial Services, Hon. Lorna Smith OBE, who was joined by eleven private sector sponsors, who funded their participation and sponsored the events. The Mission took place across five cities – Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore – featuring 37 speakers, each providing valuable expertise to the discussions and presentations. 

The positive sentiment was captured by Leon Mao, Head of Advisory Services and Managing Director for North Asia at Vistra, who highlighted the BVI’s evolution over its 40-year history. As the largest incorporator of BVI Companies with 50 offices in the Asia-Pacific region, Mao emphasised the BVI's integral role in linking diverse markets. "The BVI will develop as a super-connector between regions”, he stated, and "its ability to facilitate cross-border investments, knowledge transfer, and stimulate economic growth makes it a vital link between investors and emerging market opportunities."

Mao traced the initial applications of BVI companies, noting their use as personal investment vehicles, account-holding entities, and asset-holding structures, such as for real estate. Originally a phenomenon in Hong Kong, BVI Business Companies expanded geographically as China and Asia developed, becoming essential in China projects and structuring, and extending their reach into Southeast Asia and beyond. Today, almost 60% of the BVI’s financial services business originates from the region. 

Beyond their popularity for simple asset holding, BVI companies have proven versatile and adaptable, now employed in sophisticated structuring, joint ventures, funds, and initial public offerings (IPOs). The trend continues with BVI companies as a common component in Asian regional growth. New applications have also emerged, including their use as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for crypto funds and FinTech transactions.
Vistra’s 2030 report also reaffirms BVI’s premier status among offshore jurisdictions, maintaining its position as the number one offshore jurisdiction for the past 15 years. To sustain its relevance and attractiveness to clients, especially in Asia, the BVI continuously adapts its offerings, particularly with respect to funds, private wealth management, digital assets, and involvement in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. This proactive approach allows the BVI to meet the evolving needs and priorities of its clients in a changing world.

As the BVI expands its global market reach, collaborations in emerging markets across Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America are becoming the new normal. BVI structuring will facilitate cross-border investments, and knowledge transfer, and indirectly stimulate economic growth, becoming a vital link between investors and emerging market opportunities.

In addition to the private sector, the delegation met several key government officials to discuss collaboration moving forward. These included officials from China’s Ministry of Commerce for Financial Services and Trade in Beijing, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries while in Shanghai, the Deputy Financial Secretary in Hong Kong, and in Singapore, officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 
“Asia-Pacific is hugely important to the BVI’s financial services sector, and our experience underscored how important it will continue to be moving forward”, said Elise Donovan, Chief Executive Officer of BVI Finance. “After four years since our last visit, it was great to meet so many exceptional practitioners face-to-face and to have encountered such enthusiasm towards the BVI’s offering.”
“Our key priorities for the Mission were to increase income for the government, provide opportunities for our young people and to improve the business potential of our financial services practitioners”, said Hon. Lorna Smith, OBE, Deputy Premier and Minister for Financial Services, Labour and Trade. “The partnerships we have cultivated with these important global cities have put us on the path to achieving these.” 


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