Welcome to the BVI Finance edition of MONOPOLY. This game commemorates the recent 35th anniversary of the ground-breaking International Business Companies Act (1984) (IBCA) and marks our celebration of this significant event – a moment that launched the British Virgin Islands firmly into prominence in the world of offshore international financial centres. The BVI continues to build from these firm foundations

The genesis of this game came from the BVI Finance Working Group comprising of many member firms with the precise names on the board and Chance/Treasure Chest cards being the product of several brainstorming sessions within BVI Finance and some canvassing from member firms.

This is project arrived in the 2021 holiday season, where BVI Finance negotiated with HASBRO and Winning Moves to design a special BVI Monopoly Board complete with the landmarks identified on the four main islands of Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada and Virgin Gorda.

Where possible Chance and Treasure Chest cards were modified to reflect local issues – such as penalty for yacht collision and players can own BVI entities such as the water and electricity companies. With no train stations in the BVI, two ferry ports and two airports fit in for port of entries. There is even a hospital card stating the Orlando Smith Hospital and if sent to detention, you will head off to Balsam Ghut prison – of course.

The BVI is an inspiration to all and the community spirit was best evidenced in the business response after Hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed so much of these beautiful islands. But Irma and Maria did not break the BVI spirit that allowed for the territory to recover quickly, stronger and better. Working together- always!

This Monopoly game is a celebration of our island paradise and our commitment to the BVI’s financial services industry.

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